Destinator Technologies has announced the launch of Destinator 7, the latest version of its mobile navigation software for PDAs.

Designed especially for PDA users, Destinator 7 claims to deliver new levels of performance with faster, easier routing, an improved interface, the very latest maps from Navteq and TeleAtlas and wider and better POI searching.

Destinator 7 also includes a full "text to speech" function which is said to offer timely, clear, "natural-sounding" audio directions, down to street name level.

The software also now supports Premium TMC services. This will enable users to access RAC Trafficmaster's traffic information collated from over 7500 roadside sensors which calculate the speed of traffic on the UK's motorway and trunk road network, plus incident information and will offer detour routes.

Destinator software is compatible with a number of different platforms including, amongst others, Windows, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Linux.

Destinator 7 is available now for £76.99, or £115.99 for the Traffic SAM version with no extra monthly fees on top.