AOL's "Truveo" has launched into the UK market.

Truevo is a video search engine lets users search and browse through tens of millions of videos from thousands of sources across the web.

Truveo, that boasts 40 million users a month, claims to be a one-stop destination where consumers can search across a wide range of content from major video websites around the world.

In addition to indexing user-generated video from popular video uploading sites such as YouTube, Truveo also features a wide selection of high-quality, professionally produced video from many media brands, including the BBC, ITN, Sky News, The Sun and UEFA.

"The recent explosion of online video is a worldwide phenomenon. All over the world, individual users as well as major media companies are making their video available on the Web", said Timothy Tuttle, CEO and Co-Founder of Truveo.

"Truveo's ongoing mission is to index and organise all of the video on the Web so that users can easily find the video they want - no matter where in the world they reside."