Immersion Corporation, a developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, has announced that a new licensee, CTT-Net of Korea, is launching the world's first personal navigation devices that use Immersion's TouchSense technology to provide tactile feedback for touchscreen interactions.

CTT-Net's TouchSense-enabled products for the Korean market include the CSN-7040, a handheld PND, and the CIN-7000, a built-in car navigation device.

Both models feature a 7-inch touchscreen as the primary input/output mechanism and include a direct multimedia broadcast receiver for accepting satellite downloads.

When users touch the onscreen controls, the TouchSense system provides unmistakable tactile confirmation of the selection, which can improve usability. Tactile feedback may also enhance safety by reducing glance-time while driving.

Other licensees of Immersion's tactile touchscreen technology include LG Electronics, Nokia, and Samsung (for mobile phones), 3M Touch Systems (for gaming systems), and Methode, SMK, and Volkswagen (for automotive applications).

"It's exciting to deploy our touch interface technologies in personal navigation devices", said Immersion CEO Victor Viegas.

"The market for these products is undergoing dramatic growth, and with nearly every new PND being designed around touchscreen input, TouchSense tactile feedback is a natural fit."