The news that Radiohead were to offer their new album online, on a "pay what you think it's worth" basis made headlines, with some dismissing it as a stunt, while others saw it as a brilliant, innovative concept, as well as another nail in the record industry's coffin.

Whatever your opinion on the "In Rainbows" download model, it's surely interesting to ponder how much would people actually pay? And how many would take the potential offer of a free download at face value?

Well, ponder no more, as "Record of the Day", an online music news resource, can reveal all as they ran a survey asking downloaders what they had chosen to pay.

With responses from more than 5000 download buyers, we think the results offer a fair reflection of the situation. 28.5% of freeloading respondents said that they had decided to pay £0.00-0.01 for the download (plus the credit card fee).

At the other end of the scale, 2.5% paid between £10.00 and £39.00 for the download. But the real telling stat from the survey is the average price punters paid.

£3.88. This was the overall average amount shelled out and therefore, it could be argued, the "true value" attributed to the In Rainbows download by those setting their own price.