CATSeye have launched their latest "covert" product for GPS tracking of smaller motor vehicles such as motorbikes, quad-bikes and jet-skis.

According to them, trying to get a small and affordable GPS tracking device to track smaller vehicles such as motorbikes has been almost impossible, which we'll have to take their word for.

Previous devices available that were small enough to be fitted to such vehicles could apparently only be fitted in one general area, making it easy for any thief to locate and disable.

But - enter the CATSeye SVT (small vehicle tracker) that uses GPS and GPRS/GSM and incorporates a sensitive movement sensor - it's the size of a box of matches and can even be laid out flat in cramped spaces.

The CATSeye SVT is small enough to hidden almost anywhere on these vehicles and once it has been hard-wired, it is a very cost effective way of tracking them.

The unit itself is £199.00 plus VAT with no monthly fees other than a SIM card, which is available from £1.50 per month, so arguably an affordable way to keep track of your precious bike, be it quad, jet or motor.