IBM and Linden Lab, creator of the virtual world Second Life have announced that they plan to work together to develop new technologies and methodologies based on open standards that will help advance the future of 3D virtual worlds.

The two companies are to work with a "broad community" of other partners to drive open standards and interoperability to enable avatars to move from one virtual world to another with ease.

The companies have stated that they see many applications of virtual world technology for business and society in commerce, collaboration, education, training and more.

"As the 3D internet becomes more integrated with the current web, we see users demanding more from these environments and desiring virtual worlds that are fit for business", said Colin Parris, vice president, Digital Convergence, IBM.

"IBM and Linden Lab’s working together can help accelerate the use and further development of common standards and tools that will contribute to this new environment."

"We have built the Second Life Grid as part of the evolution of the internet", said Ginsu Yoon, vice president, Business Affairs, Linden Lab.

"Linden and IBM shares a vision that interoperability is key to the continued expansion of the 3D internet, and that this tighter integration will benefit the entire industry. Our open source development of interoperable formats and protocols will accelerate the growth and adoption of all virtual worlds."