Joost has opened to the public allowing people to download the software without having to source out an invite first.

Previously only available to people through an invite to the service, the announcement, which was made on the company's blog will allow anyone to access TV programmes and films.

The new service, which will still remain in beta due to bugs still to be ironed out, will mean according to blog post that:

"Everyone can enjoy a ballooning selection of comedy, music videos, documentaries, movies and the latest hits from some of your favorite media brands, including CBS, Major League Baseball, MTV, Turner, Comedy Central and more — over 15,000 shows to date."

The announcement comes as the company launched a new version of the Joost player with a fully redesigned user interface that promises greater flexibility when searching or navigating through content. Users will also be create personalised channels.

Viewers will be able to catch classic films like Breakfast and Tiffany's and Aardman animation for free.

According to the post, Joost admits however "there's a lot more work to be done".