Check Point Software Technologies has unveiled a public beta of the new ZoneAlarm ForceField.

ZoneAlarm ForceField is the first virtualised, on-demand browser security solution that creates a "virtual you" to let you bank and shop online, or surf "dangerous" areas of the internet without fear or limitation.

Built from the ground-up specifically to fight the emerging browser-based web threats, ForceField also erases all personal information after a web browsing session to further protect consumer privacy online.

Features include browser virtualisation, powerful anti-phishing technology and ZoneAlarm's Spy Site Blocker as well as additional "dangerous download" defenses.

"ZoneAlarm ForceField uniquely defends against the escalating wave of malicious, privacy-infringing Web threats", said Laura Yecies vice president and general manager of Check Point's ZoneAlarm consumer division.

"We use precision virtualization technologies and powerful data security principles to secure Web surfers in a two-way 'bubble of security,' uniquely protecting them from Web threats as well as spyware or keyloggers that may already reside on a PC."

A general availability launch is expected in Q1 2008 when the software will be priced at $29.95, but you can find out more, and download the beta version for free now.