Yahoo has launched a new social networking site called Mash.

Not to be confused with Nokia's recent Mosh launch, in public beta, it has been described as a next-gen version of the Yahoo 360 profile offering.

A Facebook, Bebo and MySpace competitor, Yahoo has introduced a few features that it no doubt hope will set it apart from the fierce competition.

Described by one blogger as "the Wikipedia version of a social network" Mash lets users edit and add to other user's profiles.

You can also set up "starter" profiles for friends that you would like to see join the site, which may prove to be a good idea for growing audience numbers.

"Trying very had to be hip", the site focuses on statements like "If I were an animal, I would be" type info rather than hard and fast facts profile facts such as schooling, or workplaces.

"Fun" modules let users add apps to their profile, and although not yet available, in time users will be able to integrate other Yahoo services into Mash.