Following the recent news that a new novel would be available as an audio-only download, a new big-budget television series is due to follow a similar online-only trend.

Two Hollywood producers, Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick who have created such movies as "Blood Diamond" and "The Last Samurai" have signed a deal with MySpace to make a "web series" called "Quarterlife".

It will be a regular show, about young people finding their way in life after college, produced by "network-caliber" writers, directors and production crew and will be made in hour-long episodes.

Each episode will be broken up into shorter segments and new segments will be posted on MySpace on Thursday and Sunday nights from November 11th, while a related site will launch to promote the show.

"This is the single best-produced piece of serialized content for the internet, ever", said Jeff Berman, general manager of MySpace TV.