The original Becker Mexico radio was an cult Sixties design icon in Germany, the company's home country.

Taking those same retro-styled looks and adding up-to-date technology gives us the Becker Mexico of today - an all-in-one GPS slash entertainment device for your motor.

The looks is where the retro statement stops, as this offers 200 pre-programmed speech commands, Bluetooth for hook up with your phone, the unit can also be used to write, send, receive and read SMS text messages.

The "W@P 2.0" internet access provides direct access to the BeckerClub portal as well as other W@P addresses to be displayed on the OLED-Vario-Colour-Display that can be individually adjusted with a choice of 13 different background colours.

GPS-wise it offers map data for Europe including more than 1,000,000 points of interest plus with TMC (Traffic Master in the UK) you get the latest traffic information.

As far as sound goes it offers the Becker Surround Sound System gives you 4 x 30 watts of music power and 4 x 18 watts and with an extra bit of kit, you can play and control your iPod through the stereo too.

Around £1300, available now.