InFocus has announced the launch of the Work Big IN10, the first of a new range of mobile projectors designed for frequent business travellers.

The IN10 ofers a brightness output of 1800 ANSI lumens, weighs 1.1kg and takes up 1948cc which means its the brightest projector in its weight category.

The projector, which delivers the smallest form factor currently available, is the successor to the LP70+, which has sold more than any other mobile projector worldwide.

The InFocus Work Big IN10 will be available for £699 and is joined by the Work Big IN12, which is the slimmest available on the market at 43mm in height but boasts 2000 ANSI lumens.

Outside the Work Big range, InFocus recently teamed up with Impatica, creators of the Impatica ShowMate to offer a complete, convenient and lightweight solution to business travellers and salespeople.

The pocket-sized Impatica ShowMate enables users to wirelessly show PowerPoint presentations from their smartphone or PDA device via a mobile projector.