eBay.co.uk is now allowing sellers to use video on listings for the first time.

eBay's 15 million UK customers will now be able to use video pitches as part of the item's listing for potential buyers to watch.

Although users can sort of the video side of things themselves, there are services out there that can help.

vzaar.com is one such dedicated service designed to help eBay sellers add video to listings with a minimum of hassle.

vzaar.com is the brainchild of Adrian Sevitz, the architect behind eBay.co.uk's new-look homepage and Dan Wilson, one of eBay.co.uk's first employees.

"Video is going to make a big difference to eBay sellers", says Sevitz, vzaar's chief technical officer and eBay's site experience manager until earlier this year.

"The big video sharing sites are trying to be everything to everyone. We're not. We're completely focused on helping eBay sellers sell better."

To insert a video into listings with vzaar's help, you imply film your item using a digital camera, mobile phone or video camera.

Then you can sign in at vzaar.com, using your eBay details, upload the video and insert it into a listing with one click of a button.