In anticipation that Steve Jobs' "one more thing" might be the full Beatles back catalogue on iTunes, we ran a quick poll this week, asking you: "Will you be downloading Beatles tracks when they are available?"

As we now know, the Beatles revelation never came - presumably self-confessed Fab-Four-fan Jobs used the "Beat goes on" quote on the invite as, (a) a tribute to the band, (b) to raise even more hype for the event, (c) both.

As it turns out you readers are fairly evenly split on whether you would want to download Beatles via iTunes, with 49% saying yes and 51% replying no.

The historic reasons that the iconic band's music has never been available on iTunes was down to long running law suit between Apple Inc and Apple Corps. This suit was settled earlier this year, which has renewed speculation that the tunes will soon debut.

Adding to the speculation, 16 of Lennon's solo works from EMI Music were recently made available for the first time on iTunes.

Early this year George Harrison's widow, Olivia, when asked about the availability of the music online Olivia Harrison replied: "Oh God, yeah. Hope so ... I don't know if it would be the end of this year, but it would be nice. Imminent, let's put it that way".

Finally - the most positive sign yet - Paul McCartney told Billboard magazine that the deal to allow the Beatles' back catalogue of music to be available on-line is "virtually settled".

So, for that 49% of you that want Beatles on your 'pod - it won't be long, and for that other 51% - well, you what do you care?