There are plenty of software solutions available on the market that save you from deleting files by mistake, however designers at Cagnina Design have come up with a novel solution for those not wanting to go down the software route: the Tempo hard drive.

Looking more like a tall latte from Starbucks than a hard drive, the 250GB device, which works on a Mac and PC and is connected via Bluetooth, allows you to move your deleted files to a separate hard drive for you to access later rather than wiping them from your existence from your main drive.

Working like your office bin, the drive eventually fills up and a green light pops on to say it needs to be emptied.

Of course it won't stop you then making the same mistake twice, but at least you'll have to delete those important files a second time, giving you the chance to confirm that it really wasn't a mistake.

A more simple solution would be to have a similar area on your current hard drive, but then you wouldn't get all the extra boxes and cables to carry around now would you.