A new survey has found 71% of office workers believe their dirty workspace is making them ill and hot desking is a major culprit for spreading bugs throughout the office.

80% admitted that they share they’re workstations, including computer and phone with at least one other colleague – a way of spreading germs.

The study was commissioned by Durable UK for the launch of Computer Cleaning Week, taking place from the 17th to the 22nd September 2007 revealed that:

- More than two-thirds of workers feel they’re exposed to all sorts of germs at work and 67% say they’ve been off sick in the last year.
- 36% of these have been absent for more than 4 days.
- 90% of those questioned revealed they use their computers every day, for between 30 and 40 hours a week at work and a further 10 hours at home.

This year the campaign is fronted by TV cleanliness expert Kim Woodburn, who says:

"The survey revealed that both men and women don't seem to care about sneezing or coughing without covering their mouths."

"Picking spots, wiping noses with hands, scratching heads and touching hair are other habits that spread germs."

"It's astounding the number of people who go the toilet and then don't wash their hands, or retrieve things from the bin – again without cleaning their hands."

Other unpleasant statistics revealed by the survey show that:

- The computer keyboard is the dirtiest item in the office environment – only 17% describe their keyboards as clean.
- But still 90% of us eat at our desks.
- Most people wait well over 2 weeks for dirt to build up around their desks before they take action.