As we know, cybercrims use popular celebrities' names to entice slack-jawed star worshippers to click though to malware infested content.

McAfee has used SiteAdvisor, their free web-browser tool to reveal the top 10 most riskiest celebrities in cyberspace, and here they are:

1) Paris Hilton
2) Amy Winehouse
3) Cristiano Ronaldo
4) Britney Spears
5) Heidi Klum
6) Pete Doherty, Valentino Rossi
7) José Mourinho
8) Madeleine Bernadotte (Royal Princess in Sweden)
9) Charlize Theron, Elisabetta Canalis, Nicolas Sarkozy
10) Antonio Banderas

Better to be safe than sorry - you can download McAfee SiteAdvisor which is a completely free application by following the link below.

It works on "traffic light" system which flags up what's safe and what's not online­ to avoid picking up more than just dodgy gossip.