Consumers are turning to online review sites like Pocket-lint for advice according to a new survey out today.

According to the new survey, nine out of 10 consumers now turn to the internet, rather than their mums, when choosing what brand of household appliance to buy.

The survey also revealed that 74% of consumers admitted to being more influenced by comments in online communities than by their own mothers, and less than 1 out of 4 people would buy the same brand as their mum.

Of the people surveyed, 85% said that they now research online before they make a purchase, with 8 out of 10 saying that a positive online consumer comment would actually encourage them to buy.

And, such is the influence of online communities, 60% of respondents said that just one negative comment could discourage them from buying a product.

Only 2.5% of people claim they would not use the internet at all to either research or buy a domestic appliance, making the internet even more influential than previously thought.

“These findings show that online consumer comment has become a significant influence in people’s choices and that online communities have become a reliable source of information to those wanting to make significant household purchases,” said John Kershaw, GB head of marketing of domestic appliance manufacturer Miele, who conducted the survey.