As we reported it would do last week, VMware has today announced the launch of VMware Fusion.

The new software, which offers consumers an alternative to Parallels Desktop's virtualisation desktop and server software will allow Mac users to simultaneously run Mac OS X, Windows and other PC-based applications on a single Mac without the need for two machines.

VMware software will allow Mac users the ability to run both 32- and 64-bit operating systems, as well as offering them the chance to use a wide variety of USB2 devices.

According to the company, the application is also the only Mac virtualisation software available today to provide full support for more than 60 operating systems and complete power management capabilities to safeguard virtual machines when laptops are running out of battery.

However in a move to spoil the company's thunder, Parallels announced that it would be adding a host of new features to its Parallels Desktop 3.0 beta.

New features promised include major enhancements to the look and feel of Windows programs in Coherence (Coherence allows you to run Windows applications like they were native to your Mac), Coherence support for Exposé and Transparent Windows, Support for overlapping several Windows and Mac windows in Coherence, Ability to silently boot into Coherence mode, Linux PC and virtual machine migration to your Mac using Transporter, Ability to change your VM’s disk format using the updated Image Tool, Ability to change Sound Devices "on the fly", and iPhone support in Windows.