File this one under unsurprised, but after customer complaints, consumer group Which? has investigated the claims, and actual results, of British broadband providers.

Their research showed that there is a "huge gap" between advertised and actual speeds.

After testing 300 connections Which? has revealed that the average download speed, instead of the 8Mbps claimed, was in fact just 2.7Mbps.

The ASA has looked into cases before, but says companies can advertise "up to" 8Mbps as long as customers were likely to get close to those speeds.

A BT spokesperson confirmed to the BBC that 8Mbps would be a rarity for users.

"Virtually no-one will get it. The laws of physics start applying as soon as it leaves the exchange and you would have to live on top of the exchange to get the full 8 megabits", he said.

Which? has called on both Ofcom and Trading Standards to start an investigation into the claims.