MySpace has admitted it has deleted 29,000 convicted sex offenders from its site, more than four times the figure it had initially reported.

The company said back in May it had deleted about 7000 user profiles that belonged to convicted offenders.

The new stats were revealed by US state authorities after MySpace handed over info on convicted sex offenders it had removed from the service, after a long battle as to whether they would do so.

"The exploding epidemic of sex offender profiles on MySpace - 29,000 and counting - screams for action", Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said in a statement.

"We're pleased that we've successfully identified and removed registered sex offenders from our site and hope that other social networking sites follow our lead", MySpace Chief Security Officer Hemanshu Nigam said in a statement.

The initial scandal about predatory sex offenders on MySpace became national headlines news in the States after families of teenage girls, said to by assaulted my MySpace members sued the site.

Campaigners in America are still calling for the site's minimum age requirements, currently 14, to be raised.