RawFlow, a P2P live streaming company has launched a beta version of Selfcast - a P2P-based live broadcasting community.

Anyone can broadcast live to the world for free using just a webcam, a PC and an internet connection.

Budding directors, musicians, talk show hosts and others with content which previously didn't reach the masses, can now show the world what they are made of.

Selfcast enables users to:

* Broadcast directly from webcam or microphone live anywhere, any time
* Invite friends, fans and family via integrated invitation tool using IM or email
* Get instant feedback from viewers who can submit comments or participate in the live chat
* Broadcast pre-recorded content which can be added to a play list

In order to create broadcasts, a user must download and install the Selfcast software, which works as a wizard to set up your broadcasts.

Once you start webcasting you then get a dedicated broadcast microsite on Selfcast.com, link below.