TalkTalk, the communications company from The Carphone Warehouse, is launching TalkTalk Online Backup, a simple, secure way for customers to backup and retrieve photos and documents stored on their computer.

This means through TalkTalk anyone with internet access can have security against loss of data through fire, theft, equipment failure, human error, vandalism or virus attack.

TalkTalk Online Backup has been designed to only send the changes that have been made to files rather than the whole file each time.

This reduces the time it takes to backup and the amount of bandwidth that is used and customers have the option of scheduling automatic backups whenever it suits them.

There are four plans available with 20GB and 40GB, monthly and annual options.

Prices are from £3.99 a month for a 20GB package, with a 30 day free trial offer on now. Follow the link below for more info.