AM Micro has launched JoeSoft Jax which is both a suite of iTunes extensions and also a software platform that offers developers the opportunity to build "Jacks" for iTunes.

Instead of just playing music, with Jax you can load your iPod with lyrics, YouTube videos and RSS feeds, it can also "speak" your email.

Jax will help you manage album artwork by offering a choice of covers specific to your country. So if you have the wrong album cover for your imported music, Jax can help.

Another feature sure to appeal to karaoke fans is a lyric lookup Jack. Click on your song in Jax, and it will search a number of lyric databases and offer any matching lyrics. If you click the correct one and it will add them to your iTunes and copy them to your iPod so you can sing-a-long in style, or with the correct words at the very least.

Other features include "Music Map" that maps out links from your favourite artists or albums. It shows a cloud of information on related bands and how they relate to others ad infinitum. Like the Kevin Bacon game but for music, it's quite fun and a good way to discover new bands.

Jax also offers a quick way to load your favourite YouTube videos to the iPod, iTunes and AppleTV. It remembers the most recently viewed YouTube videos, then it's just a click to load an iTunes, iPod or AppleTV version.

With the RSS news feeds feature, this can be done either in text form, or Jax can convert the text to speech so you could listen to the news headlines while on the move.

Jax will also do this with email in spoken form (as well as text) so you can also "listen" to your email.

JoeSoft will be releasing the API to developers in the next few weeks. This will let developers to make their own Jax in a similar way to Widgets, which will go live on the site (link below) as they are created and will be available as free downloads to existing Jax users.

Jax is £34.95, available now, visit the site below for more info.