A survey has revealed the web words that people find most annoying.

Here's the top ten of the list, plus a handy explanation for each one:

1. Folksonomy (a web classification system)
2. Blogosphere (the collective term for all blogs)
3. Blog (an online journal)
4. Netiquette (internet etiquette)
5. Blook (a book based on a blog)
6. Webinar (a web or online seminar)
7. Vlog (a video blog)
8. Social Networking (using the web to form virtual communities on sites like MySpace)
9. Cookie (a text file stored on your computer from a website you've visited)
10. Wiki (A collaborative website, editable by its readers)

This fascintating survey was carried out by YouGov.com on over 2000 web users on behalf the Lulu Blooker Prize, the world's first literary prize for blooks.

These words are cetainly over-used, but annoying? Here's some really annoying words for you: "another", "pointless" and "survey".