comScore has released some interesting figures following their review of internet activity across Europe.

The comScore World Metrix study reveals that on an average day in April 2007, there were 122 million Europeans (age 15 or older) online, compared with 114 million in the States.

The average European accessed the internet from either a home or a work computer an average of 16.5 days in the month and spent a total of 24 hours viewing 2662 web pages.

The comScore study compared activity across 16 European countries and revealed the following snippets of info:

• The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries have the highest percentage of their populations using the Internet, ranging from 68% to 83%.

• Germany has the largest online population: 32.6 million people age 15 and older.

• The UK has the most active online population, with the highest average number of daily visitors (21.8 million), the highest usage days per month (21 per user), and the highest average time spent per month per user (34.4 hours).

• European users average 16.5 usage days per month. Countries that have usage days below the European average are Russia (11.4 average usage days), Austria (12.0), Italy (12.9), Ireland (13.0), Portugal (13.4), Norway (14.7), Denmark (14.7), Switzerland (15.1), Belgium (15.5) and Finland (16.4).

• The average Swedish user views 4019 pages per month and views more pages than any other country – 51% above the European average of 2662 pages per month.

In addition to statistics about national percentages, the study also showed that Google was the most popular website in 13 out of the 16 countries. Microsoft was the second favourite in most countries followed by Yahoo in third place.

Follow the link to see the full report.