Mozilla has released the final update for Firefox 1.5 and has announced it will not receive future updates.

Although with the final upgrade 1.5 will be up to date, Mozilla has warned that users of the 1.5 version may be vulnerable when new security issues arise on the Web.

Mozilla recommends that Firefox 1.5 users upgrade to Firefox 2 to have most secure experience on the Web.

Firefox 1.5 users will be prompted via the auto-update alert in the browser to download the update called

This update includes an upgrade mechanism that gives users the ability to easily migrate to Firefox 2. Users will receive an alert in the next few weeks when the upgrade is available.

"The security of our users is one of Mozilla’s highest priorities", said Basil Hashem, Mozilla’s senior director, product management.

"We're consumer focused and have aggressive development and life cycle policies. We believe it's necessary to ensure people have the safest, fastest, and best possible online experience."

Find the 1.5 update, the 2 download and more info via the link below.