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(Pocket-lint) - We've added so many new bits and bobs to Pocket-lint over the last 6 months there's probably a great feature that will help you get even more out of the site, but you just don't know about it.

Listed below are some of the 10 best:

Did you know you can get alerts of our stories straight to you inbox based around a specific keyword? To get alerts sign up to become a member (don't worry it's free), go to the alerts page and type in the keywords you want to track like "Apple" for example. Now whenever we write a story with the word "Apple" in it, you'll get an email telling you what's what.

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Want to print one of our news stories or reviews out, but don't want it printed over 15 pages because your printer doesn’t like the web? No problem, with our PDF printing option you can print out the story designed specifically for an A4 sheet of paper. Just look for the Adobe PDF logo on every page underneath the picture.

If you can't get to the site every day - hey, you have a life right? - then why not get the best of the site by subscribing to our Mobizine, you'll get the top five news stories from the day before, the latest reviews, website of the day, and our pick of some of the best gadgets around from the last couple of months.

To help you find stories easily, we've grouped them into tags, you can see other stories we've written within the same group of tags by clicking on the tag within the tag box on every news story or review.

RSS feeds
We've recently updated our RSS page meaning that not only can you get an RSS of our main site feed featuring all the news and reviews from the site, you can opt to have just news or reviews or both from all our channels. If that wasn't enough, you can also have an RSS feed on any tag on the site as well be it a company or a category, like "Laptops" for example.

URL shortcut
Here's one you might not be aware of. You can instantly see what news stories and reviews we've written within any tags by putting that tag after the URL in the address bar, for example www.pocket-lint.co.uk/laptops

Save pages
Found a story, but want to come back to it later? Again, no problem, Members get to save pages to their profile for later. With no limit on the amount you can save or how long you can save them for it's your chance to keep to hand the news stories, or reviews that are most interesting to you, without the hassle of having to search for them every time.

Reader reviews
With over 2300 reviews on the site there is plenty for you to read, and chances are you've got some of those gadgets to, so why not rate and review those products and share your experiences?

Daily newsletter
Want to keep up with the best stories on the site? Then sign up to our daily or weekly newsletter. The daily newsletter gets sent out just before lunch every day while the weekly one gives you the top ten stories across the week.

We've teamed up with Megawhat.tv to bring you a weekly TV show, plus a host of quick reviews, opinions, tips, tricks and much more. To access the site, you can either click on the big orange button at the top of the page, or wherever you see a small TV logo on a review.

Writing by Stuart Miles.