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(Pocket-lint) - Livescribe has launched as a new paper-based computing platform at the D: All Things Digital event in America.

The Livescribe platform turns plain paper into a computer screen and claims to bridge the gap between the paper and digital worlds.

According to the blurb available, the platform opens up wide range of new applications in "personal productivity, learning, communication, and self expression".

Other pen based computer platforms have failed miserably in the past but Livescribe is launching as a completely revamped system for the 21st Century.

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The smartpen central to this invention is a chunky "Montblanc-size" mini computer that when you write on the special "Dot Paper" (plain paper with embedded micro-dots) the pen sees your writing in relation to the dots and translates into words or images.

With advanced processing power, audio/visual feedback, and substantial memory for handwriting capture and audio recording it promises to be a powerful tool.

The software applications go beyond just handwriting recognition to intuitive internet connectivity and advanced interactivity.

Given as an example of the promised interactivity - if you wrote out a maths sum, the smartpen interprets the writing, calculates the answer and speaks or shows it on the smartpen's OLED display. Sounds interesting.

The Livescribe system will be available online beginning in Q4. The smartpen will be less than $200. Additional dot paper will be available at prices described as "comparable to standard paper products".

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott.