Parallels Desktop for Mac is now available at Computer Warehouse. Just to refresh you, this is the software that lets you run Windows and Mac applications side by side on a Mac with no reboot required.

Parallels Desktop for Mac is the only product that gives Mac users the ability to run Windows, Linux or any other operating system and its applications at the same time as Mac OS X on any Intel-powered Apple Mac - without having to reboot.

This software means that Windows users who've always admired the look of the Mac range can now go out and buy one without having to adapt to a whole new operating system.

Although this may sound like blasphemy to most Apple owners, some people do have the need to run Windows applications on their Mac. You can even cut and paste and drag and drop between different Mac and Windows applications.

Sarah Atter, Apple business development manager at Avanquest, said: "We believe that Parallels Desktop for Mac is the product that computer users everywhere have been waiting for.

Our software bridges the gap that previously kept Mac and Windows from working together effectively. The battle of the Mac vs PC could be over."

We're not sure about the battle being over, but transferring from your old Windows computer to your new Mac is certainly easier - you simply connect the two machines with a network cable and run the Transporter software that comes with Parallels which will migrate all of your applications and data into Parallels Desktop.

Quick to install, the software costs £39.99 and is available now from Computer Warehouse, link below.