If you like the "urban warrior" look favoured by courier cyclists then the new sportHolster is for you.

The sportsHolster is the "ultimate carrying concept" for outdoor or sporty types, the perfect solution for carrying your mobile phone, PDA, camera, keys, money, wallet or iPod on the move.

The sportHolster will sit discreetly under a jacket and can be worn comfortably around your shoulders to offer a secure place for all of your belongings.

Its ergonomic fit allows unrestricted movement during sport and the pockets are made of an elastic material which hold the contents securely and prevent them from shifting during movement.

Integrated into the shoulder strap of the holster is a concealed retractable key strap, allowing you to have your keys to hand at all times.

A special high-tech fabric protects the body against electromagnetic waves from mobile devices (particularly of interest in light of the recent iPods-mess-with-pacemakers story).

We think it's a fantastic idea for cyclists and joggers, and congratulate the good folk at iSkins for some more solid product sourcing work.

The Urban Tool sportsHolster will cost £33.49 and is due to go on sale on iSkins next week, link to the site below.