The mission statement for this new website is as follows: "Animal Internet gives all animals, domestic and wild, their own place in cyberspace - a virtual soapbox for editorials, interviews and debates, all written BY animals, FOR animals".

Whether this is a tongue-in-cheek fun fest for animal loving Americans or they actually mean it you'll have to decide for yourselves. A visit to site reveals profiles, discussions and "Animatorials", (like an editorial but with more fur) and a links to a long list of blogs written by the various members.

More blurb states: "Visitors will find members of every species discussing world events, participating in polls, sharing photos, and leaving comments on the animatorial postings. There are only a few rules - no humans are allowed to join the community, members must refrain from eating one another and absolutely no use of the P-E-T word".

Or the M-E-N I-N W-H-I-T-E C-O-A-T-S words either, we assume.