For the first time in 10 years mobile phone call volumes have dropped according to research by JD Power.

Nearly 3000 UK mobile phone users were surveyed and found that the number of phones made on average per week is dropping. Pre-paid customers made four less calls a week compared to 2006, (14-10) and contract users averaged 27, down from 35.

However, texting is taking over with customers now sending 46 texts a week compared to 32 - making an average of 7 a day.

It is believed that now people of all ages are using the tool to communicate, text messaging will get ever-more popular - it used to be only the youth who could operate the text.

Change in habits has also affected the amount users are paying with pre-pay customers now spending an average of £12.35 compared to £19.29 last year, and contract customers have dropped nearly £8.