Tiscali has announced a partnership and the availability of a TV service on demand from its homepage.

Following in the footsteps of BT, BBC, ITV, Joost the broadband provider has teamed up with Arts Alliance Media for a new service, Movies Now, where users can download or watch films.

The European digital film distributor is supplying the content to the Tiscali site that will include over 500 films and TV programmes for rent or download to own.

Users access the downloads through the Tiscali portal, however it is only being made available for PC users in the UK and Ireland. There are no details on Mac access yet.

Those renting the downloads have access to them for a seven-day viewing period with prices starting from 99p and the latest releases coming to rent at £2.99. They are offering high-quality viewing formats for £3.49.

Research out early this week found that a third of broadband users in Europe are accessing TV on-demand online.