The days of trawling around Career shows touting your wears could be over following the launch of a new website from UCAS.

Turning to the web, the student organisation has developed a user-generated site to help build student careers.

The site,, uses social networking and forums tools with content from brand partners to supposedly support students' futures.

It aims to focus on student achievements by giving them space to place their own content to promote, get recognised and receive rewards. The concept has been developed to help students enhance their CVs, although it does bring them closer to brands.

The site cleverly uses the UCAS student database to promote the model with leading brands taking part including iTunes,, Lonely Planet, Fopp Records and Cult Clothing, plus the charity Shelter.

The new student site has six sections to navigate and use Jobs, Money, Lifestyle, Network, Exposure and the Shop.

The interactive elements include an "Exposure" channel for students to rate work published by their peers and is also in response to briefs set by commercial partners.

This is a selective site just for students with a UCAS ID.

Lisa Feege, Project Manager at UCAS Media comments: “ will offer real value to students throughout their university or college career. By combining innovative Web 2.0 features with exclusive content from our brand partners and opportunities for students to get involved and get their work displayed, we have created a fantastic new platform for students to help them get the most out of their time at university and ultimately progress their careers”.