A new website has launched that aims to provoke debate around accuracy of original content and give people an opportunity to fully respond.

Sounding much like the mechanism of a blog, Newscounter.com appears to be a response tool for PRs and companies in the wake of negative or inaccurate news stories.

Launched by a former advisor to Tony Blair and colleagues, the website seeks to "provide an authoritative means of publishing a full response, alert relevant bloggers and other stakeholders to the full response, secure profile for the response via online search engine listing".

Effectively, the site is to counter act misrepresentation which almost seems to distance companies from journalists and bloggers further. Although it does seem to provide blanket coverage on issues for businesses the authenticity of news could be damaged.

"Misrepresentation in the media can have a huge impact on an organisation's brand and reputation. With the proliferation of online news outlets, the potential for damage as a result of misrepresentation is increasing", said Matthew Cain, chief executive.