The technology website Digg collapsed last night due to users revolting against the removal of a crack code for HD DVD.

The body that overseas the digital rights management technology on high-definition DVDs sent a letter to Digg to take the code from the site. It requested that all details of the software key that breaks the encryption on the format be taken off.

Users were so unhappy by the action that they resubmitted the stories in their thousands leading to a collapse of the site. One user described it as a "21st century revolt" with the founder of Digg telling users: "If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying", after deciding not to censor the information.

Digg is governed by users with no central editorial control, unfortunately the publishing of the key is in violation of US Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The result of this result demonstrates the power of user-generated content and the lack of control on the internet particularly the blogosphere.

The number of stories reacting to the HD DVD code after its removal reached over 45,000 in the first few hours.