Decorating has never been easy, especially with a full surround-sound system. One solution has been to lay wires beneath carpets and rugs, another - to chip into the wall and polyfiller over the wire, or one modern solution is to get everything wireless.

Why not just get some Flatwire? It simply sticks to the wall and you can then paint over it. The manufacturers claim you won't even be able to tell it is there.

There are a variety of versions available including high-voltage electrical, low-voltage lighting, Cat5e, coaxial cable, speaker wire, component video and HDMI/DVI.

The price isn't bad if you got a lot of spare cash, $129.99 for 20 feet of component video cable, and $44.75 for 25 feet of speaker wire. The wire papers can be folded and still work, but all adapters are sold separately.