When new numbers come out detailing how much we in the UK spend each year, our wallets start to ache - and even more so with new online spending predictions.

The IMRG reckon that we will spend nearly £12 billion more online this year than last, taking the total up to £42bn, from £30.2bn. However, according to the group a highlight for us are the 860 million parcels shipped to UK customers each year - that makes up an average of 33 each (for the 26 million UK internet shoppers).

It that’s not enough to make your wallet tremble, then maybe our habits will realise the cost of online spending. The peak period of shopping happens between 7-9pm, so you might want to be careful when back home from any after work drinks.

An average UK shopper spends £1600 a year and worldwide online sales are expected to reach £250bn this year. This comes when new research also finds that one in three Europeans have a broadband connection.