Upgrading one part of your desktop only encourages you to upgrade another part (bit like decorating a house). Candela Direct has unveiled two new products – a 19- and 22-inch LCD screen rocking a "Vista Premium" logo. While GreenHouse has put out a 19-inch CRT monitor.

First up, the 19-inch monitor known as TEW190SDR, you'll enjoy a 1440 x 900 maximum resolution (WXGA+), horizontal viewing angle of 160°, 300cd/m2 for the brightness and 800:1 when it comes to the contrast, other figures include 16.77 million colors and two speakers of 1.5W each.

Second on the list is the 22-inch version (TEW220SDR) with higher resolution, 1680 x 1050 WSXGA+, every other feature mirrors the 19-inch. However, as an added bonus the speakers are 2W each.

Further features available on each product includes; silver or black body and the mini D-Sub 15 pin and DVI-D. Both models are available and currently cost €160 (19-inch) and €270 (22-inch).

The GreenHouse model GH-AWG193SDW is a 19-inch (widescreen) LCD monitor sporting a 1440 x 900 (WXGA+) resolution. The specifications are very close to those of the monitor presented above: 300cd/m2 (brightness), 700:1 (contrast), 16.77 million colours, 5ms (response), 140° (viewing angle) and a couple 1.5W speaker and the mini D-Sub 15 pin and DVI-D. This is available for €200.