The fastest the UK broadband consumer can manage is 16Mbps, yet it's rare if this remains stable to utilise the speed to the full potential.

However, Internet2 has announced a speed far higher than imaginable. A DVD could soon be past quicker over thousands of miles than across a room.

Data transmission records don't hang around too, but operators of the Internet2 network may have just set the final "official record". At its spring meeting, it was announced that officials "sent data at 7.67-gigabits per second using standard communications protocols".

However, even this was smashed 24 hours later by achieving 9.08Gbps with IPv6 protocols. The data had to travel a massive 20,000 or so miles roundtrip, and it's being suggested that the newest record may be there a while, considering the theoretical 10Gbps limit on Internet2 transmissions and the requirement for new records to sustain "a 10% improvement for recognition".

A new network with a capacity of 100Gbps would see a DVD shot across the globe in seconds.