Swordfish has decided that paper shredders are so ugly that they should be hidden, which is why it’s just launched a sleek sexy model - to hide.

Shredders have become a necessity for most businesses or the self-employed and following National ID Fraud Prevention Week; even homes are encouraged to have them. The big bulky grey machines are on their way out if you follow the recent design from Swordfish.

The Space Saver range does what it says on the tin, saves space. The concept is to position the shredder out of sight behind your PC tower, between the sofa and coffee table or anywhere the slim machine can slip.

Unlike its standard shredders, the Spacer Saver is certainly a lot less bulky and looks more like a hard drive or post box than an identity theft deterrent.

The 700XCD model goes ultra secure with a slot for shredding credit cards; a CD/DVD strip cut shredder and an infrared Start/Stop control.

The new range comes in 3-cut, 5-cut, 7-cut and 10-cut – to deal with light to frequent usage.

Prices are as follows:
300SC, £29.95
300XC, £39.95
1100XCD, £239.95
The shredders will be at first exclusively available through all Office Club members during May, June and July 2007. Then will become available nationwide, details to come on this.