A part of an aggressive advertising ploy, to get further revenue to the popular social networking site, News Corp plans to test a new service that lets MySpacers determine the news.

The service, called MySpace News, will scour the web for stories and let users rate them. It is a further attempt by News Corp owned by Richard Murdoch to keep it's 100 million unique users on the website longer.

We reported how it banned Photobucket content on the site last week, this new move is seen as just a mix between Google News (stories arranged in themes) and Digg.com (sourced by readers popularity).

MySpace users are thought to spend an average of 10 minutes per visit on the site and visit about 19 times a month. Before the launch, MySpace users would have to leave the service to read news on the Internet.

This would see the networking site becoming its own world where users could remain on the site and never search broader.