Mozilla has made its Thunderbird 2 email much more sophisticated, integrating features often used for other online activities such as blogging.

Thunderbird 2 allows users to manage and organise email using tagging gained popular through blogs, photo and link-sharing sites, advanced folder views, and fast inbox and message searches.

Mozilla has developed the service so users can customize Thunderbird 2 with add-ons that match individual preferences. The company see the developments in the email to becoming a versatile information and communications hub that can integrate professional networking tools, VoIP calling, and shared address books directly.

The tagging, which seems to be the technology Mozilla is most proud of, organises emails by assigning tags like
"From Mom" or "Weekend Projects" to easily track and search for information. Users can choose from default tags, such as Important, Personal, To-Do, Later and Work, or create their own custom tags and use as many tags for a single message as you want.

There is also an intense search and message history navigation feature to discover messages faster and quicker. It can be downloaded today.