Wayfinder has announced an update to its GPS service with Wayfinder Navigator 7.

Although only compatible with symbian Smart Phones, the software claims access maps of the specific area you're in through points of interest or for travelling between specific points.

It will find destinations in Europe or North America through local servers direct to your phone through your Bluetooth GPS receiver. The service originally launched in 2003 giving voice, graphical and map turn-by-turn directions from A to B require no additional memory card for the maps.

As an update to Navigator 6, Wayfinder Navigator 7 adds a number of new features including 3D maps, a new night mode to adapt the colour and brightness of the screen, an increased selection of POI’s across North America and Europe.

The map data is streamed from a central server providing access to the latest, most up-to-date information taking current traffic situation into account.

It claims to use a new intelligent search dynamic that takes into account: current location, desired country, user profile capabilities, user profile preferences and all databases available to the user – both local and remote. Routes are automatically recalculated to give users the quickest way to their destination.

The system has also been developed so new locations and information can be sent to colleagues or friends by SMS, MMS or email and information such as phone numbers and web links can be saved under Favourites.

The software costs €99 for a lifetime's subscription, with all maps supplied through data-packet downloads to the phone as per the cost of your network. Wayfinder Navigator 7 is supported in 17 languages and is available now.