New research out today suggests that one in 20 UK homes will be watching IPTV by 2011.

The research conducted by the Centre for Telecoms Research (CTR) says improved broadband speeds will be the main factor in boosting IPTV to 5% of UK households over the next 4 years.

The research predicts that 90% of broadband consumers will be using speeds above 2Mbit/s by 2011, from around 33% in 2006.

The company predicts the adoption of settop boxes via telecom operators such as BT with its Vision service will mean numbers will jump from the 80,000 users in 2006 to almost 1.5m in 4 years time.

"IPTV is set to become a mass market proposition over the next 5 years. The recent launches of IPTV products by BT and Tiscali are testament to the fact that ISPs will now put their full force behind marketing these services", said Raj Modi, CTR research director, in a statement.

Although the report predicted 85% of UK homes would have a PC by 2011, it failed to mention how devices like the Xbox 360, PS3 and handheld mobile phones would affect the numbers.