There is a lot of news and reviews on Pocket-lint. That's why we launched Tags in November. Tags are a way of joining up the stories in groups so you can fine them easily.

Today we've taken this a step further and launched two new features on the site.

The first is a list of recommended tags on every page on the site found under the Poll on the far right hand side so you are never far away from our most popular sections. Use them to find out the latest subjects from Televisions to Xbox 360.

The second is the addition of how many news or reviews we've written displayed on the stories Tags box underneath the picture.

Want to know how many stories we've written on Apple? Simply find an Apple story and you'll see that over the last 4 years we've written 369 news stories and 28 reviews.

Clicking on the tag name will take you to the list for the area you are in, so if you are reading a news story you'll be shown all the news listings, while clicking on the news or reviews links below that will only show the news or reviews for the tag.

If you want to see more Tags then you can click on the more tags button and you can see all our tags alphabetically including a Tag Cloud showing you the ones we've written about the most.

Happy clicking.