One in 10 internet user have been a victim of online fraud in the last year according to a new report published by the government today.

The 3.5 million people who are estimated to have experienced online fraud in the last 12 months lost an average of £875 each.

The survey, which questioned people's spending habits online found that 12% of the UK adult population had experienced online fraud in the last year.

Pat McFadden, Minister with responsibility for Transformational Government, said: “As we make more services available online so we need users to take the same basic precautions in using the internet as they would when making transactions in the high street – such as not sharing your bank details or passwords".

However fewer than half (48%) of internet users feel they are responsible for their own online safety. One-in-six (16%) believe their bank is wholly responsible for their online protection, whilst 13% feel that it is up to their internet service provider.

The report blames greater use of the Internet in our daily lives for the dramatic increase in fraud on the net over the last couple of years.

The report found that 93% of people with access to the internet used it daily, spending an average of £1,044 per year on goods and services.

The Get Safe Online research wants internet users to take the same precautions online that they do on the high street.

The Get Safe Online offers tips and advice about online safety.