If you find yourself constantly running out of power before you can get back to the office, American Power Conversion (APC) might just have the answer to your problems.

It might sound dull on the surface, but APC today announced two laptop bolt-on batteries to enhance the availability of power for laptop users on the go.

The two new models; the Universal Notebook Battery 50 and 70 will offer business travellers looking for more juice an extra 4 to 6 hours from a single charge.

Rather than carry yet more weight in your bag, APC say that the two models weigh just under a pound (250 grams) and fit easily in a notebook case or next to the computer in tight spaces.

The 70 model also features an integrated USB port that has enough umph to power additional USB-powered mobile devices.

The Universal Notebook Battery 50 will cost 119.99 euro and the Universal Notebook Battery 70 will cost 169.99 euro.

APC say both models will work with most leading brands of laptops and both units include a variety of laptop tips in the box.