Those of you used to trying to send large files to people know what a pain it is. Even a zipped file can take ages to send via email, even if you're just trying to send photos to a friend.

There's a new file transfer solution on the block, however, and it's name is Tirminal.

Tirminal is free and offers transfers of unlimited amounts of data, without the recipient ever having to download a client or application.

You, as the sender, simply download a small application, and then drag and drop files into it to send data. The receiver then receives a link that opens in their browser, and can pick and choose which files to download.

"With our help, all our server does is create the 'hand shake' for the communications stream", Simon Grunfeld, the Director of Business Development, explains.

"We facilitate the communication transfer so that the sender doesn't need to forward a port, or mess with their firewall."

"We don't store information on our server (like FTP servers do), so there's no limitation on the size of the files or folders."

"So far, I think the biggest file anyone had sent was in the range of 24GB - we can tell that via the bandwidth usage on our server."

Uploads and downloads are quick and easy, and for the corporate market, Tirminal even allows for customisation of templates, so that universities and colleges, for example, can use it as their own web transfer service.

Future features that Tirminal is working on include website hosting, streaming media, off-site backup and storage, and a roaming edition with mobile support.

At the moment, the only drawback is that only Windows users can send files, although Mac and Linux users can download through Tirminal. Linux and Mac versions are being planned and will be up in 3 to 6 months.